FLIR T65 Thermal Rifle Scope

What is this NEW FLIR T65 thermal rifle scope all about?

The T65 thermal scope from FLIR Systems Inc. is the latest clip on thermal rifle scope manufactured by FSI. A clip on thermal scope is a specialized form of thermal optics that converts your daytime scope into a thermal scope. This is accomplished via specially calibrated optics so that all you have to do is “clip on” the thermal scope in front of your already sighted in day scope and you have an instant thermal weapon sight. There is no need to rezero your weapon or make any adjustments to the clip on scope. If your daytime optic was correctly zeroed than your FLIR scope will maintain that point of impact.  It is very impressive and somewhat hard to believe but it is true.

FLIR T65 thermal scope mounted on a 308 rifle with two girls shooting the gun at battlefield vegas in las vegas nevada

Crystal and Jessica shooting the FLIR T-65 Clip ON Thermal

The clip on thermal scope technology was developed for the US Military so that soldiers could go from daytime missions to night time missions without switching rifles or making any further adjustments. The first “clip-on” technology was the standard image intensified Night Vision clip on scope. These night vision clip on  scopes (like the AN/PVS-27, AN/PVS-24 and AN/PVS-22) all operate on the old fashioned image intensifier tube technology. The intensified night vision tube amplifies ambient light to produce an image in moonlight or starlight conditions. Sometimes this type of night vision is also called “starlight” night vision. This is the green colored images that you often see in combat footage and on TV in surveillance shots or when hunting for ghosts and bigfoot. The Thermal Clip On Rifle Scope is the natural evolution of clip on technology. Thermal imaging or FLIR scopes produce an image based on heat differences that are present everywhere. The FLIR Rifle Scope does not depend on any light whatsoever so there is no issue with cloudy nights or bright lights in the scene. Thermal sees everything and is virtually impossible to hide from making it the ideal technology for a night vision rifle scope.

The T65 is the latest generation of Clip on Thermal Rifle Scopes from FLIR Systems Inc. The T65 FLIR scope features 640×480 resolution and a rugged military design. The FLIR T65 is the same resolution as the FLIR T60 scope that has been extremely popular. The T60 is the famous clip on scope that was developed by FLIR Systems Inc and Trijicon Inc. With the coming release (sometime in 1st to 2nd quarter of 2013) of the FLIR T65 there are some really good deals out there on the T60 scopes. Keeping in mind that the T60 has the same resolution and twice the warranty so it can make sense to get a FLIR T60 while you still can and save some money. Last word was that all the remaining FLIR T60 thermal scopes are at SPI CORP and they were giving some pretty generous discounts.

On this site we will explore the new FLIR T65 thermal imaging scope as details become available. We will test fire the scope as soon as we can get a hold of one and we will post reviews right away. If you have any information on the scope please let us know so we can further the conversation.